Do you need more punch and throw?

Silent and Bright. 1SLED XB.

Dallas, Texas - It's the new standard for studio LED lighting. Plenty of punch and throw from the 1SLED XB with PrimeTime's renowned engineering technology and quality manufacturing heritage. The extra bright 1SLED XB is unique among the profusion of LED products introduced in the broadcast industry:

  • No fan. Passive cooling because of PrimeTime's exclusive heat sink engineering.
  • Quality reflectors. PrimeTime (formerly KW/2) has always led the industry in brightness and reflective technology.
  • Energy-saving LED. Strategic design to maximize illumination.
  • Five year warranty. PrimeTime products are built to use and built to last.
  • Value. At a base MSRP of $1,885 - PrimeTime's July Factory Discount offer is $1,414.

The 1SLED XB - the new standard for studio lighting. PrimeTime's Anniversary Celebration with a 25% Factory Discount, in addition to dealer's customary pricing ends July 31. Certain conditions apply.

PrimeTime has consistently raised the bar in building lighting instruments for broadcast and production studios, entertainment venues, worship and video conference facilities by using industry leading technologies. Manufactured in the United States with PrimeTime's unmatched build-quality with lasting durability and rigorous engineering standards. PrimeTime's product engineering is so superior --- that PrimeTime is the only manufacturer of bright TV studio LEDs without fans.

Contact your local dealer, reseller or systems integrator. Or, call Glen Harn, 214-329-9287, Hurry, factory discount ends July 31, 2015.

About PrimeTime Lighting Systems

Known for innovative and superbly engineered lighting, PrimeTime Lighting Systems, Inc. (formerly called KW/2 Studios) manufactures broadcast lighting systems, video conference light fixtures, and LED and fluorescent studio lighting for the broadcast industry. PrimeTime's U.S. fabricated products illuminate broadcast and cable news sets, video conference facilities, worship sanctuaries, religious broadcasting studios, production studios, city council chambers and eLearning classrooms throughout the United States and some foreign countries. PrimeTime luminaires are recognized for high performance, lasting durability and quality.

PrimeTime Lighting Systems, Inc.