Aframe Provides Cloud Video Collaboration Platform To BBC Worldwide’s Formats Team

Aframe has supplied theBBC Worldwide’s Formats Team with a cloud video platform to help the process of hosting and sharing format screeners with its clients around the world. Aframe provides BBC Worldwide with a centrally managed portal that can be used as a central repository where different versions of screeners such as Strictly Come Dancing and The Great British Bake Off are stored and shared with clients across the globe to stream online or download.

Aframe’s cloud video platform removes the need to burn multiple DVDs and post them, which can prove not only costly and time-consuming for content owners, but also cause potential delayed discussions between the team and potential clients. Instead, all content can be shared in a cloud-based environment, which is accessible at any time, from any location.

David Peto, Aframe Founder and CEO: “Everything we do is focused on helping our clients manage the complexities of the video workflow – finding, sharing, and reviewing media faster and more cost effectively, wherever they are. And it is great that the BBC Worldwide formats team have also been able to benefit from this.”