Vitec Group — Joop Jansen

(click thumbnail)Joop JansenQ. What kind of products or services does your company offer for broadcasters?

The Vitec Group Broadcast Systems Division designs, manufactures and distributes high-quality manual (Vinten, Sachtler, OConnor) and robotic (Vinten Radamec) camera support pedestals, tripods and heads; location lighting (Sachtler and Anton/Bauer); camera and equipment bags (Petrol); portable power solutions (Anton/Bauer); prompting products (Autoscript); wireless camera links (RF Systems, Nucomm, MSC); intercom and communication systems (Clear-Com).

Q. What’s new that you will you exhibit at the NAB Show and that TV broadcasters should look for there?

We have several camera support offerings including Sachtler’s new SOOM, the first multifunctional camera support system for Mini DV to HDV camcorders. This revolutionary system configures into four distinct camera support tools and comes in one compact, easy-to-carry system. We also have the artemis ACT 2 Carbon Fiber Spring Arm Upgrade & ACT 2 Vest and we are showing Sachtler’s first LED on-camera light, the Reporter 8LED.

From Vinten, we will be showcasing the Vision iScript, the world’s first truly portable all-in-one prompting and camera support system, ideal for on-the-move news coverage. iScript uses the AC or battery-powered GoPrompt 12 from Autoscript. Vinten will also demonstrate the newest version of the industry-standard fluid head for studio and OB, the Vector 750 that combines the best of the functionality and durability of the successful Vector 700 and 700H versions with significant design advantages. We’ll also have the Vector 950 Active pan/tilt head, which complements Canon Broadcast’s Optical Shift Image Stabilizer technology. Vinten has developed intelligent integral real-time digital electronic positioning technology that allows for precise and accurate pan-and-tilt data from the head to be transmitted to the stabilization systems of Canon’s DIGISUPER 100AF and DIGISUPER 86AF long-field zoom lenses.

Vinten Radamec’s Fusion broadcast robotics systems offer new generation network architecture and modular upgradability. The new Fusion range includes the FH100 Robotic and Manual Head, FP145 Pedestal, FBH175 Bolt-on Height Drive as well as the VRC Controller and FCS16 Control System. The FCS16 all-in-one controller with built-in touch screen operates up to 16 robotics systems!

To protect on-the-move cameras from damage and keep them ready to shoot, we are introducing the new Dr. Petrol camera bag plus other audio and camera transport solutions.

Nucomm, a leading provider of digital and analog video microwave systems is unveiling its new 7 Series HD and HD-ready products. Nucomm’s entire ENG/OB product line is now capable of HD operation using built-in encoding/decoding technology.

RF Central, makers of digital wireless receivers, transmitters, amplifiers and accessories, will introduce the RFX-PMR-II portable digital receiver, in both SD and full HD configurations. It offers exceptional performance for portable links and is designed for easy and quick set-up for ENG and field applications.

Clear-Com Communication Systems is bringing intercom solutions to the desktop PC with the introduction of its first software-based intercom system, Clear-Com Concert. Its new multi-user conferencing and intercom product provides broadcasters of all sizes with a reliable and cost-effective way to easily intercommunicate.

Plus, our power-supply leader Anton/Bauer introduces a new power source for digital cinema and film cameras, the CINE-VCLX. This 560-watt hour powerhouse has two regulated 28V outputs (3 pin XLR) and a 14V output (4 pin XLR) that can be used simultaneously and without switches.

Q. How is your new product offering different from what’s available on the market?

The Sachtler SOOM is quite unique. It’s the first multifunctional camera support system, that’s actually four support tools in one. Plus, we have the artemis ACT 2 C Carbon Fiber Spring Arm Upgrade that is the first stabilizer support arm to be made of carbon fiber for improved rigidity and substantial weight savings.

In this fast-paced election year, broadcasters should appreciate the unprecedented portability of Vinten’s Vision iScript all-in-one prompting system. It differs from the traditional teleprompter because the computer, running on a standard Windows XP operating system, is built into the prompting screen.

The new Vinten Vector 750 Pan & Tilt Head combines the best features of the enormously successful Vector 700 Standard and H versions. Incorporating user input, our engineering team designed the new Vector 750 to offer better handling, simplified adjustment, and to accept higher payloads. The 750 offers increased C.G. range span, an ergonomic improvement to the slide plate positioner, and higher output drag modules, plus new, heavy-duty internal components for the most robust system of its type.

Vinten’s Vector 950 Active is the only pan-and-tilt head that complements Canon’s DIGISUPER 100AF and DIGISUPER 86AF long-field zoom lenses to eliminate any trace of lag after fast pan or tilt shots — a great advantage in the production of fast-paced sports events. The Canon and Vinten collaboration integrates the advanced capabilities of Canon’s Shift-IS lens technology with the special encoders built into Vinten’s Vector 950 Active pan/tilt head, and combined with a customized serial controller box, creates the link between the two technologies.

Vinten Radamec’s Fusion FH100 Robotic and Manual Head, Fusion FP145 Pedestal, Fusion FBH175 Bolt-on Height Drive and VRC Controller and FCS16 Control System all offer reverse compatibility to foster cost-effective upgradeability so that broadcasters can update a single system or an entire studio to suit their needs and budget. The FCS16 all-in-one controller with built-in touch screen operates up to 16 robotics systems — more than any other compact controller.

Prior to the launch of Nucomm’s 7 Series HD line, aside from the CamPac 2 and Newscaster DR, Nucomm products were not capable of HD operation unless broadcasters used a third-party HD encoder and decoder product. Unlike other product lines, the new 7 Series offers fully integrated products that can be interchangeably used in both HD and SD formats. This eliminates the need for external accessories that would otherwise be required.

Today’s broadcast industry calls for products that offer rugged durability and extreme portability, both of which are featured within RF Central’s PMR-II. In addition, the PMR-II is available at a critical time, with many stations still in the midst of completing BAS relocation. The PMR-II is a receiver that meets today’s SD criteria, while also providing a clear path for migration to full HD whenever our customers are ready.

Clear-Com Concert is a cost-effective intercom solution that addresses the needs of today’s broadcasters having to work in fast-paced environments where time is of the essence. It’s ideal for such applications as on-location mobile production trucks and live broadcasts, making communication seamless. Freelancers working from home or in the field, for example, can now connect to their desktops or laptop computers via a user-friendly interface using a microphone or headset.

For the high-power demands of digital cinema, Anton/Bauer’s new CINE-VCLX multipurpose 560-watt hour source is the first of its kind for digital cine cameras and includes a specialized CA version for the Sony F23 CineAlta.