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TVU Brings H.265 and 4K Live Streaming Video Encoder to IBC 2016

AMSTERDAM–TVU Networks has announced at IBC 2016 that its new TVU MLink TE4500 H.265/HEVC and 4K encoder for live streaming video is now available.

The TE4500 delivers the same video quality as TVU’s cellular IP-based live video transmitters but with better compression and less data transmission. The new encoder also operates on TVU’s Cloud-based centralized video platform.

The MLink TE4500 is a rack-mount encoder, it transmits video using HEVC video compression and incorporates VBR encoding and Inverse StatMux Plus advanced IP video technology. Users can also control the MLink TE4500’s bit-rate and latency settings.

TVU Networks’ CEO Paul Shen, says, “Introducing a new line of HEVC codec and 4K integrated IP-based video products is part of our continuing commitment to deliver innovative IP technology solutions designed to meet the needs of our customers and the broadcast community. We are looking forward to introducing this important new product line starting with the TE4500, and its addition to the TVU video content ecosystem.”