SMPTE 2017: Video Clarity to Demo Its Latest Video Server

LOS ANGELES—Video Clarity is showcasing the Venue Player, a video server that can be controlled to automatically play multiple uncompressed segments of high-quality content to multiple screens in the correct sequence. The ClearView Venue Player is designed for broadcast facilities, theme parks, live events, staged shows and other environments that rely on repeated, synchronized video playback for entertainment and display. The ClearView Venue Player offers several recording and playback configurations, from standard definition to 8K, with multiple storage sizes.

Venue Player users can automatically and interactively select sequences for playback in multiple video formats on up to eight screens at once using a show controller, its command line interface or a desktop control interface. These control interfaces allow segments to play from one or multiple Venue Players according to specific timing and order of recall, and synchronized with devices and effects.

The Venue Player also contains setup and control functionality through the Venue Player Manager, a web server for browser-based control on a networked computer or tablet. Venue Player users can set up, jog, shuttle, play, rewind and queue the output of each system from anywhere with an internet or internal facility network connection to one or multiple Venue Players.