SMPTE 2017: Utah Scientific to Demo Hybrid SDI/IP Routing

LOS ANGELES—Utah Scientific is showing its IP/SDI hybrid solutions including multiviewing and new integrated playout offerings. Utah Scientific’s new UTAH-400 Series 3 platform is a suitable choice for high-density SDI coupled with the ability to create high- density IP signals from the same central frame. The 400 Series 3 can handle any number of IP and SDI professional video signal formats along with a number of audio and data formats.

The company’s UTAH-400 Series 2 configured with IP gateway input and output cards provides dual 10GigE SFP ports for uncompressed, baseband video using SMPTE 2022-5 or 2022-6, supporting the ongoing transition from SDI to IP. A third SFP provides a switched SDI version of the 2022 streams, simplifying the monitoring of IP streams. The input card accepts one or two encapsulated streams, automatically detecting the format and decoding up to 12 SDI video streams. Once decoded, these signals are available for use in the video matrix. The output card accepts up to 12 separate SDI streams and multiplexes them into two 10 GigE IP streams that are ready for transport over a standard 10GigE network.