NAB Show: Z Cam and Assimilate Bundle VR and 360

LAS VEGAS—Z CAM/ImagineVision and ASSIMILATE, creator of SCRATCH, used their Monday afternoon press conference to announce they have joined forces to simplify VR content creation. Their technology collaboration, the Z CAM S1/SCRATCH VR Z Bundle, offers an end-to-end 360 VR solution — from image acquisition with Z CAM’s S1 VR camera and stitching with Z CAM’s WonderStitch software to postproduction with ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH VR Z tools.

“The current state of the industry is that every production is a science project, taking the images from one company’s cameras and running them through another company’s software,” said Jeff Edson, CEO of ASSIMILATE. “For VR to take off, the need to be a technician needs to be pared away, and content creators need to be able to grab the camera and shoot.”

ImagineVision CEO Kinson Loo said, “Our goal is to empower all content creators with a user-friendly and affordable process for creating high-impact, high-quality VR experiences and 360 content. The ease-ofuse and price/performance value of the integrated S1/SCRATCH VR Z Bundle opens the doors to all content creators and professional users in a wide variety of markets.”

This bundled solution from the two companies provides not only live stitching/streaming of 360 VR with amazing effects, but also professional post workflows like color grading and special effects, making it a complete end-to-end solution. The bundle package is complete and available for sale, the companies said.

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