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NAB Show Product Preview: Content Streaming

Streaming of video and audio content has grown by leaps and bounds during the past decade or so—no more low-res herky-jerky movement and “waiting, waiting, waiting for download” or “buffering” messages. Streaming is big and is going to get bigger, and there’s no better place on earth to check out the latest the latest technologies than the 2017 NAB Show.

AJA HELO H.264 standalone streaming and recording device

will demonstrate Beyond StreamMachine, which facilitates live streaming by integrating switching, recording and stream encoding into one easy-to-deploy package. Five new models offer multiple HD inputs for 1080p SDI video feeds.

AJA will showcase its HELO H.264 standalone streaming and recording device. The unit is equipped with I/O for both SDI and HDMI signals, encodes to H.264/MPEG-4 and streams to content delivery networks.

ASPERA will highlight Aspera FASPStream, an open video transport solution that enables high-quality live streaming of broadcast-quality video via internet networks thus reducing the need for satellite backhaul, transport and distribution.

AVIWEST will debut v3.0 for its DMNG StreamHub, an integrated receiver, decoder and distribution platform that accommodates 4K operation, handles up to 16 incoming streams and includes IFB, and intuitive web-based user interface and more.

BRIGHTCOVE will demo OTT Flow, which allows the quick and economical roll-out of both live and on-demand video services across multiple platforms. Brightcove Social lets users publish video to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The company’s Once provides a monetized TV-like experience across multiple platforms, and Video Cloud allows users to deliver high-quality video across dozens of combinations of formats, platforms and devices.

Broadpeak umbrellaCDN

BROADPEAK will spotlight its low-latency live video streaming solution that’s based on ARB protocol and can reduce latency by as much as 90 percent.

COBALT DIGITAL will demonstrate its new FAST-Stream system that combines frame-accurate SCTE 104 triggering with enhanced HLS SCTE 35 streaming on a single platform.

EVERTZ will show the 3606FR ultra high-density media transport/routing platform, with support for 3G and 12G SD/HD-SDI video, AES/MADI audio, Ethernet and serial data connectivity and intercom, as well as 10G/40G/100G IP networking.

JVCKENWOOD will mark the NAB debut of its ProHD video-over-IP Wireless Bridge that’s incorporated into JVC ProHD and 4KCAM products, and has a range of up to 2,000 feet. Also check out the JVC Video-cloud online and live video streaming platform for small and medium sized enterprises and includes customization tools as well as a content management system.

LAWO will showcase its V_link 4 video over IP stage box, designed to provide a one-box-solution for all the requirements of IP-based stage boxes including video and audio signal transport and processing. It includes everything from video-over-IP coding to various monitoring and processing tools.

MATROX will spotlight the Maevex 6100 quad encoder card that provides multichannel capture, encoding, recording and streaming of both HD and UHD signals.

NET INSIGHT will show its Nimbra VA 225 video transport appliance that combines MPEG encoding/decoding with video transport. Also look for Sye, designed for building live OTT services on a scalable basis. It provides a premium user experience by combining streaming with social interaction and intuitive user interfacing.

PESA will feature its XStream line of H.264 hardware encoders and decoders that deliver high-quality streaming content from live events.

Telestream Wirecast Gear turnkey streaming package

QUICKLINK will showcase its Remote Communicator, which allows users to stream audio and video content to a web browser and return signals in real-time full duplex, with minimal delay, thus providing highly engaging content contributions.

TELESTREAM will demo its Lightspeed Live Stream and Lightspeed Live Capture products, which allow users to prepare real- time content for adaptive bitrate streaming and ingest multiple channels of SD and HD content or a single UHD channel. Also look for the Wirecast Gear turnkey system optimized to run the company’s live streaming production software.

VERIZON DIGITAL MEDIA SERVICES will feature its Live Streaming Solution, designed to simultaneously deliver hundreds of high-profile live events. It features cloud-based scheduling, along with an operator dashboard for provisioning encoders, inserting ads, management of live event feeds and more. Also check out the integration of Verizon’s Slicer application with Volicon Media Intelligence service. This combination provides compliance monitoring and OTT delivery in a single package.

VIDOVATION will feature VidOvation TV, a turnkey enterprise IPTV system that provides digital rights management, VOD and recording functionalities with streaming to smartphones, desktop players, smart TVs and set-top boxes.

VITEC will highlight its multisite video streaming system that’s integrated with Renewed Vision’s ProVideoServer. It allows houses of worship to easily record one or more encoded content streams from a main campus and play these streams back at satellite facilities.

will feature its Video Analytics system that allows content providers to examine viewers’ quality of experience by providing information on start-up times, stall durations, rebufferings and more. The company will also show its umbrellaCDN system, which allows content providers to instantaneously examine the quality level of multiple content delivery networks to determine the best way for delivering high quality video.

INTERRA SYSTEMS will demonstrate its software-based Orion-OTT, designed for real-time monitoring of adaptive bitrate content transmitted via the internet.

MEDIAPROXY will feature its LogServer software-driven monitoring and analysis tool for both OTT and broadcast signal sources, with support for 4K, HEVC, SMPTE 2022-6, HLS, MPEG-DASH, RTMP, ATSC 3.0 and DVB-2. Also look for Aircheck, a native iOS and Android app that runs in conjunction with LogServer and monitors OTT streams and broadcast transmissions.

QLIGENT will demo Vision OTT, which provides virtualized end-to-end monitoring, along with compliance recording and a remote multiviewer. It includes HLS and DASH IP layer analysis, as well as full frame rate macro blocking root cause analysis. The company’s Oversight OTT service provides 24/7 access to experts to assist in troubleshooting and optimizing end-to-end OTT services. The company will also feature its Virtual Probes, which analyze IP-based streams from anywhere in the field; and present the data on a centralized Vision dashboard in the cloud.