NAB Show New York: Blueshape Brings Power for Lighting and Large Cameras

NEW YORK — Blueshape Energy Inside will be at NAB Show New York with the latest in its lineup of batteries including the ARRI LF 3 stud adapter with regulated DC 21V, 220W capability.

Also on display, the Blueshape HDplus series offers 20A of power usable by almost any battery-powered camera or light and strong enough to power the ALEXA LF. The HDplus is available in 100Wh, 190Wh and 290Wh models; the 100Wh is certified for IATA and TSA compliance.

Nearly 2 inches shorter than the standard batteries, the Blueshape MINIs batteries are suitable for low-profile cameras such as the ALEXA MINI, the RED Weapon and the Blackmagic URSA MINI. Packing full high-demand power, these batteries will provide 12A continual service, according to the company, and can surge to 15A. The MINIs have the GRANITE Link module that allows full monitoring via the free app.

The company will also feature the Rugged Power Station, which combines the power of your batteries to provide 14V/28V/48V power with a maximum of 560W. The unit can be used as a standalone power source, a power supply when plugged into AC and a UPS. Batteries can be hotswapped for continual operation of your attached devices. Other Power Station models provide 14V/28V or 14V/48V service from two or four batteries.

Blueshape Energy Inside will be on the show floor in booth N1225.