NAB Show New York Exhibitor Viewpoint — Black Box Corp.

Shortly before NAB Show New York, TV Technology spoke with Josh Whitney, Vice President/General Manager–Technology Product Solutions for Black Box.

TV TECHNOLOGY: What technology trends do you anticipate will be “front and center” at NAB Show New York?

JOSH WHITNEY: The industry continues to highlight the benefits of moving from proprietary to IP-based technology and related cloud-based workflows. I expect this theme to continue for several years at both the New York and Las Vegas NAB Shows, as customers look to future-proof their technology and transition to a virtual world. Our exhibit will also include this theme as it relates to user connectivity to virtualized and cloud-based servers.

TVT: What will be your company’s most important product news?

JW: Black Box is showcasing the breadth we offer for high-performance KVM connectivity through our direct connect, IP, hybrid or virtualized KVM solutions, allowing our customers instantaneous access and real-time control. Our 4K extension over switchable KVM is a solution we are delivering for customers today, and it’s primarily a significant capability for our post-production customers.

At the show, our real-time demo includes our best solutions in 4K, virtual desktop infrastructure and high-performance KVM by demonstrating both live and post-production experiences. Our demonstration will also include extension of KVM connectivity to virtualized servers such that an operator will be able to access production or media servers regardless of type (physical or virtualized) or location (local or remote).

TVT: How is your new product different from what’s available on the market?

JW: With the industry moving toward IP-based and cloud-based solutions, the requirements for KVM are also changing. Black Box is the first KVM provider to offer advanced high-performance KVM beyond connectivity to physical ports. Our InvisaPC IP-based KVM platform enables broadcasters to connect to physical or virtualized servers over an IP network, while also tying into a local KVM matrix. This expands the reach and value of the KVM network while also increasing the user’s ability to share and collaborate.

TVT: Did you attend last year’s show? Do you have a favorite restaurant or point of interest you can share with other attendees?

JW: I was not able to attend NAB Show New York last year, but I highly recommend Ben’s Deli in the Garment District for the best pastrami sandwich in town.