NAB Show: Futuristic Motion Graphics Imagery Comes to Life With Maxon

LAS VEGAS—Monday’s MAXON press conference, which doubled as a luncheon at the Renaissance Hotel, was the first opportunity for NAB Show attendees to see Release 18 of MAXON’s Cinema 4D 3D animation, graphics, VFX and rendering software. Release 18, announced last year, offers tools tailored to the needs of creative professionals to help master the challenges of digital production for television, film, games, advertising and design.

From left, Lorcan O’Shanahan, Jayse Hansen, John LePore and Robyn Haddow

At the briefing, MAXON President Paul Babb was joined by 3D artists John LePore, Russ Gautier, Robyn Haddow and Lorcan O’Shanahan to showcase fictional user interface, graphical user interface and heads-up display motion graphics and 3D content for film, television and real-world digital interfaces.

The artists participated in a lively discussion of the art of designing UIs of the kind seen in Marvel movies, as when Tony Stark designed his Iron Man suit by manipulating holographic icons in mid-air. Additionally, they discussed the trends they were seeing using Cinema 4D for motion graphics in these kinds of environments.

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