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NAB Show Product Preview: Audio

New product introductions at the NAB Show will embrace immersive audio formats and the newly standardized audio networking protocols. Attendees can expect to see numerous digital audio distribution, remote contribution and intercom systems this year.


DPA MICROPHONES’ new d:vice is a two-channel mic preamp and A/D converter offering mono, dual and stereo capabilities and has interchangeable Lightning and USB cables for connectivity.

JÜNGER AUDIO will introduce its MMA (Multichannel Monitoring and Authoring) system for immersive audio live production, with metadata authoring and qualification of audio objects for ATSC 3.0 audio formats, and with real time monitor and legacy format rendering.

LOGITEK will feature its Helix TV audio console, Helix Studio virtual audio console and Pilot audio console.

SOLID STATE LOGIC will debut new “appified” System T v2.0 software, which includes native immersive audio support. SSL’s System T S300-32 is a compact control surface with fixed 32+1 fader configuration that can be combined with the complete portfolio of SSL’s System T control, processing and I/O options.

SONIFEX will show the new AVN-PXH12 12x2-channel mixer monitor, which can simultaneously monitor/mix up to 24 AES67 AoIP sources in a compact 1U rack. The AVN-PA8 is a multichannel mix engine with analog line and AES67 I/O.

Wheatstone ScreenBuilder

Wheatstone ScreenBuilder

WHEATSTONE will highlight its IP 64 digital mixing console with AES67 compatibility, touchscreen control, and WheatNet-IP networking for routing and controlling audio anywhere within a TV facility. Available in 32-fader frame sizes on up, the IP-64 has bus-minus on every input channel and two 5.1 surround master output busses and two stereo master output busses. The company will also offer a peek into the future of WheatNet-IP with a demonstration of ScreenBuilder, a software application that virtualizes the console.

YAMAHA’S new CSD-R7 includes a DSP engine built into the console, which is the same size as the PM10. New Yamaha Rio3224-D2 and Rio1608-D2 Dante I/O racks for the RIVAGE PM7 and PM10 can now also be used with current CL and QL Series digital mixing consoles.


ENCO is featuring HotShot3, which provides instant access to local and network audio assets, interfaces with recording systems, offers logging and compliance, and supports stereo and surround sound.

LECTROSONICS will launch its 24-bit/48 kHz PDR (Personal Digital Recorder), which records onto a microSD card, can be jammed to external timecode and provides a headphone jack for monitoring or file review.

YAMAHA/STEINBERG’S updated NUAGE V2.0 DAW adds support for the remote operation of the MMP1 (Studio Monitor Management System), including monitor source and cue output selection.

ZAXCOM will show its new TRXCL3 wide-band camera link transmitter/recorder (to microSD), which sends audio with embedded timecode to the camera through its UHF signal to QRX200, RX200 and QRX235 Zaxcom receivers and via ZaxNet’s 2.4 GHz signal, to an ERX3TCD receiver.


MARSHALL ELECTRONICS will debut the AR-DM61-BT, multichannel digital audio monitor with a built-in live video preview screen.

RTW is now distributing Nixer Pro Audio’s PD-Dante portable monitoring and diagnostic system worldwide. RTW’s TouchMonitor TM3 Smart and TM3-3G Smart replace the basic TM3 and TM3-3G.

TSL PRODUCTS will show its PAM1-IP and PAM2-IP precision audio monitors now with support for SMPTE 2022-6 and SMPTE 2110 audio and video networks plus Ember+. All TSL MPA1 devices now offer SNMP support.

WOHLER TECHNOLOGIES has updated the iAM-VIDEO-2 monitor to add MPEG-2/H.264 in MPEG-2 Transport Stream over IP and a new touch interface with a streamlined UI.


AEQ will launch new Netbox DSP/Netbox 32 AD MX audio routers with Dante connectivity, controllable from Netbox RTC application and including the ability to mix and route between 32 and 160 channels, with or without DSP, depending on the version.

AUDINATE will debut six new adaptors for its Dante AVIO Adapters series, including line-in and line-out analog adapters, a bidirectional AES3/EBU adapter and bidirectional stereo USB adapter.

BARNFIND TECHNOLOGIES offers eight analog audio I/O converted to/from MADI in its new BTF1-10-AA—BTF1-10-AA, which offers 16 SFP ports and 8 BNC top board and the same functionality as BarnOne frames.

Jünger Audio Netbridge

Jünger Audio Netbridge

JÜNGER AUDIO will debut Netbridge MADI, which bridges up to 128 audio channels between AES67/Dante and MADI infrastructures. The new Netbridge UHD interface integrates 4K-UHD streams MADI and AoIP AES67 infrastructures.

LOGITEK will highlight its JetStream Plus high-density audio router.

PROCO SOUND will feature its AoD output module, which provides 3-foot audio tails and two analog audio outputs, including one RJ45 Dante input using two Neutrik NC3MXX series XLR analog outputs to transport audio over any Dante network.

RIEDEL has acquired Swiss audio networking and streaming specialist Archwave and will adopt its technology solutions for its own product portfolio.

STUDIO TECHNOLOGIES firmware updates add model-dependent functionality to all new Model 5422 Dante Intercom Audio Engine, Model 216 Announcer’s Console and Model 44D Audio Interface products to support the creation of IFB feeds.

TIELINE TECHNOLOGY’S Genie Distribution delivers multipoint audio distribution solutions. Merlin PLUS can create two bidirectional mono or stereo remotes, each with separate bidirectional IFB channels.


Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset

Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset

DPA MICROPHONES will unveil CORE, a new amplifier technology designed to minimize distortion and increase the dynamic range of its d:screet, d:fine and d:vote lines of miniature lavalier, headset and instrument microphones.

SENNHEISER’S Ambeo Smart Headset enables capture and playback of binaural audio recordings on smartphones. The previously introduced Ambeo VR compact handheld Ambisonics microphone ships with cables, Rycote mount and windshield, plus a freely downloadable A- to B-format encoder.


SOUND DEVICES has acquired U.K. wireless microphone systems manufacturer Audio Limited, and is distributing the new A10 digital wireless microphone system in North America.

LECTROSONICS will debut the Duet digital wireless monitor (IEM) system, consisting of the M2T half-rack, dual-stereo transmitter, accepting line-level analog or Dante digital inputs, and M2R diversity belt pack receiver.

SENNHEISER will introduce evolution wireless G4, offering a new user interface, expanded switching bandwidth and higher RF output power for the 300 and 500 series, plus new multichannel functionality for the 100 series and new on-camera systems.

WISYCOM will introduce the MPR52-ENG dual channel receiver, which offers 790 MHz bandwidth in the 470/1260 MHz range, digital DSP and a multicompander system.


AEQ is launching SYSTEL IP 16, a multiline VoIP talkshow/phone-in system engine with SIP signaling protocol and Dante connectivity. Systel IP TV is a multiconference client application for TV that enables flexible control of SYSTEL IP 4, 12 or 16 lines VoIP talkshow systems.

CALREC will show a suite of new features on the RP1 remote production unit, including a two-band filter and four-band EQ, expander and gate facilities, compressor and sidechain EQ facilities, direct output for all remote faders (up to 5.1 wide), and remote auxes via Calrec Assist.

Clear-Com Eclipse HX

Clear-Com Eclipse HX

CLEAR-COM, which is marking its 50th anniversary this year, will launch its Dynam-EC add-on module to its Eclipse HX software, offering dynamic user interface built-in automation, multi-user GUI and seamless management for IFBs. Clear-Com has expanded HelixNet channel density six-fold with LQ devices, supporting 24 audio I/O ports assigned to any of the 12 or 24 intercom channels in HelixNet.

Comrex EarShot IFB

Comrex EarShot IFB

COMREX will debut EarShot IFB, a hardware-based system designed to provide telephone-based live studio program and IFB audio to field-based remote broadcasts and allows up to 30 callers to dial in and listen to the audio feeds.

Eartec UltraLITE

Eartec UltraLITE

EARTEC will introduce the UltraLITE HUB series, which weighs 9 ounces and allows seven users to talk hands-free, in full duplex, simultaneous talk. Eartec’s new UltraPAK is an ergonomic mini belt pack that allows the addition of lightweight headsets to the full duplex, simultaneous talk intercom.

JK AUDIO will highlight its Outerloop 3.5 universal intercom beltpack, which routes audio through the 3.5mm headset jack on wireless phones or tablets and interfaces to existing 4- or 5-pin intercom headsets.

RTS will introduce new BP-4000 and BP-5000 partyline beltpacks that can cover longer distances without requiring additional equipment such as repeaters. ODIN is a highly scalable intercom system in a 1RU package that can grow from 16 ports to a maximum of 128 ports with up to eight units interconnected via optical Inter-Frame Link.

SONIFEX’S AVN-TB6 is a new six-station intercom for smaller talkback systems; the AVN-TB6D is a desktop version in a smaller form. The AVN-TB20AR (rack) and AVN-TB20AD (desktop) are 20-station intercoms sharing the same features as the AVN-TB6.

Telos Infinity IP intercom

Telos Infinity IP intercom

TELOS will showcase its Infinity IP Intercom, which converges voice communication and contribution audio on a single IT backbone employing the latest standards-based VoIP and Livewire+ AES67 AoIP transport. It integrates with any AES67 partner devices as well as existing analog, AES, SDI, and MADI systems using Telos Alliance xNode baseband-to-IP interfaces.

TIELINE’S new ViA codec connects using dual Ethernet ports, dual USB modems, an optional LTE module or built-in Wi-Fi to stream using a cellphone Wi-Fi hotspot or other Wi-Fi access points.

YELLOWTEC will debut its b-line digital hybrid and phone system, which may now be combined with Intellimix to control telco and control lines directly via the mixer’s touchscreen.


ORBAN LABS’ new iSurround “Any Content | Any Device” delivers 5.1/11.1 from any legacy content, improves dialog intelligibility and supports dialog replacement along with 1770 loudness compliance. The new Orban openGear 2.0/5.1 puts the company’s standalone processing technologies into industry standard openGear format. QLIGENT will launch Qligent Match, which provides real-time video/audio content match between reference feed and remote feeds.


NUGEN AUDIO will show its 3D Immersive Extension for Halo Upmix which allows first-, second- and third-order Ambisonic output and other formats. New features in Loudness Toolkit v2.7 include a unique power-compensated true peak safe dither algorithm for ISL True Peak limiter.

THIMEO AUDIO TECHNOLOGY’S new WatchCat monitors multiple folders and processes and normalizes all the audio and video files that appear there. Scripting is available to perform custom actions, such as automatically uploading files.


JÜNGER AUDIO will introduce its Easy Loudness entry solution for automatic and intelligent real-time loudness management features dual stereo processing channels, integrated 3G SDI or Dante plus optional logging features.

Steve Harvey began writing for Pro Sound News and Surround Professional in 2000 and is currently senior content producer for Mix and a contributor to TV Tech. He has worked in the pro audio industry—as a touring musician, in live production, installed sound, and equipment sales and marketing—since November 1980.