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NAB Product Preview: Camera Support

Vendors serving the world of camera support will introduce systems at both ends of the weight spectrum—this includes the heavily-loaded digital cinema and 3D camera pairs, all the way down to the bare-bones video-enabled DSLRs.


Camera Corps, exhibiting in the Bexel booth, will unveil its Multi Camera Key Pad Control, a multi-camera control unit which increases from five to 96 the number of remote camera heads that can be operated via the company’s Joystick Control or CCU Panel. It can also be used with Camera Corp’s Multi Camera Combiner unit to allow up to four Joystick operators and up to four CCU engineers to control the 96 cameras and pan and tilt heads simultaneously using just a single data line. The company will also showcase its Mini Joystick Control developed for applications such as commentator-camera control or for outside-broadcast vehicles where desk space is often very restricted. The ultra-compact Mini Joystick Control is compatible with all Camera Corps and Egripment pan and tilt heads. Dimensions are 7.4 x 5.5 x 4.3-inches.

Egripment Support Systems will feature its compact and very fast 305 remote head.

Egripment 305 remotely controlled camera head

Shotoku CMC camera motion controller
Shotoku Broadcast Systems will introduce the latest version of software for its TR-T Touch Control System, featuring enhancements in numerous areas of the system operation to meet the demands of customers seeking larger, more complex facility-wide installations. The company will also showcase the latest release of its CMC Camera Motion Controller, which makes the self-contained head, height and lens controller more flexible in terms of remote configuration and support for interfaces to all types of lenses. The company will also unveil Digiport, which enables any Shotoku control system to seamlessly integrate with numerous third-party systems and devices, further expanding the capability of the integrated remote camera system.

Telemetrics will introduce its PT-RM-1 robotic pan/tilt head, featuring high-speed 360 degree capability and designed for use in shooting sporting events as well as in traditional studio environments. The company will also demonstrate its TeleSoft Camera Control Automation software, which can remotely operate Canon’s BU Series and Sony’s BRC Series PTZ cameras with the with a touch screen or a mouse.

Vinten Radamec will showcase its new Fusion FHR-35 robotic pan and tilt head, which is suitable for remote applications and designed to support broadcast camera and lens packages up to 35 pounds in remote locations where the head needs to be unobtrusive. The company will also demonstrate its Fusion FH-100 robotic and manual head, designed for use as a standalone device and for seamless integration with the Fusion FP-188 robotic and manual pedestal. The company’s booth will incorporate two dedicated virtual reality sets, demonstrating how its encoding products work live with software from leading graphics providers, Brainstorm and Orad.


Autocue/QTV will introduce two entry-level aluminum tripods, the Heavy-weight, with floor spreader and a 40-pound payload capacity, and the Medium-weight, with mid-level spreader and a 13-pound payload capacity. They are designed to support ENG, DV and DSLR cameras, and can be mounted with Autocue’s 17-, 10- and 7-inch Starter Series teleprompters.

Cartoni, displaying in the Manios Digital booth, and will feature its Maxima pan and tilt head, providing a payload capacity from zero to 85 pounds, continuous fluid drag on pan and tilt, patented counterbalance with “perfect balance” throughout 180 degrees of tilt range.

Libec Sales of America will debut its new RS 250/250M Series professional tripod systems featuring new silicone grease for use in low-temperature environments. The “Variable Counterbalance System” enables the tripod head to accommodate many different types of cameras, including handheld and semi-shoulder cameras. Payload capacity is up to 13.2 pounds. The company will also show its AS-7K Accessory Support, which allows a videographer to mount accessories on a spare pan handle mount on a fluid head.

Manfrotto will display its 509HD Pro Video Head, with counterbalance capability of up to 28 pounds. The 509HD incorporates Manfrotto’s Bridging Technology, FDS (a variable friction system in pan and tilt), CBS counterbalance system, a 100mm half ball, and a balancing recorder function that records the final balanced position of the payload on the head, so that operators can recall it later to replicate the setup. Manfrotto’s 509HD/546BK Pro video tripod system mates the head with a mid-level spreader tripod, and the 509HD/536K Pro video tripod system combines the new 509HD head and the 536 tubular carbon fiber tripod.

Miller Camera Support will show its Compass 25 Fluid Head (100 mm), featuring a selectable counterbalance system for payloads between 8.8 to 30.9 pounds, selectable positions of pan/tilt drag, plus a zero position, quick release, 70mm sliding camera platform with standard Euro camera plate, and pan/tilt locks that utilize floating caliper type disc brakes. Miller will also show its Compass 15 and 20 75mm Fluid Heads designed for payloads ranging between 4.4 and 26.5 pounds.

OConnor Engineering will introduce its 2065 Fluid Head, for the RED One, Sony F-35, and ARRI Alexa cameras, providing a payload range of up to 71 pounds. The new head replaces OConnor’s 2060HD, and shares the ergonomic design of OConnor’s higher-payload fluid heads like the popular 2575D and 120EX models.

Sachtler Cine DSLR rigSachtler will introduce its Cine DSLR, a professional fluid head that meets the specific requirements for DSLR filming and has a special camera plate. It carries payloads from 1 to 11 pounds, a range that can handle a bare DSLR with small lens, all the way to a fully outfitted DSLR with heavier lens and accessories. The company will also feature the Video 18 S1 and Video 20 S1 fluid heads, sporting payload ranges from 4 to 40 pounds and from 4 to 55 pounds respectively, providing support for camera packages ranging from DSLR to full-sized portable video cameras.

Shotoku Broadcast Systems will unveil its SX-300 Pan and Tilt Head, designed to support portable cameras with viewfinders and prompters. The new head has a maximum payload of 83.8 pounds, a robust structure and a wide range of precise balance mechanisms to support a variety of camera configurations. The SX-300’s mount can be either flat base or 150mm ball.

Vinten will lift the curtain from its new Vision blue fluid head, designed for today’s lightweight camcorders and DSLRs equipped for video. Incorporating Vinten’s Perfect Balance technology, Vision blue balances payloads between 4.6 to 11 pounds with a low center of gravity of around 55mm. Vision LF drag technology eliminates backlash at the end of pans and provides clickless drag settings for infinite adjustment.


Shotoku Broadcast Systems will introduce its TP-200 two-Stage Pneumatic Pedestal, designed for a maximum payload of 177 pounds and supporting a wide-range of camera configurations. A one-step foot brake and single-action cable enables precise movements and control at all times, with fast and easy positioning.

Vinten will unveil its new Vector 75 heavy duty pan and tilt head, which provides the same performance as the company’s Vector 750, but with Vinten’s LF drag control, an infinitely adjustable friction system combined with a unique lubricant fluid that allows for fine adjustment of drag levels as well as whip pan at any level of drag. It replaces the Vector 70 head, providing infinitely adjustable counterbalance for a payload range of from 22 to 165 pounds.

The company will also showcase its Vector 430 pan and tilt head, which provides customers a mid-range head between Vinten’s portable Vision line and the heavy-payload Vector 70 and 750 heads. With a payload range of from 22 to 94.8 pounds, it’s targeted to carry cameras mounted with either compact box lenses or large EFP barrel lenses. Vinten will also demonstrate its Vector 750i encoding pan and tilt head, which incorporates a new Intelligence Module that allows semi-automatic set-up, slide plate tracking and kinematic compensation to ensure stable and accurate placement of virtual graphics into the live environment. The head supports payloads of up to 165 pounds.


Egripment TDT encoded crane systemEgripment Support Systems will feature its new ProTraveler jib/crane system designed for prosumer cameras. Also look for Egripment’s TDT encoded crane system package that can be used to create augmented reality shots including backgrounds, virtual advertisements or virtual figures.


Glidecam will feature its HD-Series of handheld stabilizers in the HD-1000, HD-2000 and HD-4000 models, providing smooth handheld operation of camera packages from 3 to 10 pounds. The company will also show its Glidecam X-22, designed for film and video cameras weighing from 10 to 25 pounds. The X-22 system incorporates advanced engineering and precision machining to provide a cost-effective sophisticated and versatile stabilizer system. The X-22 system is comprised of a support arm, a support vest and a support sled.

Sachtler will debut the artemis handheld camera stabilizer system, designed for shooting video with DSLR cameras. The system is carried in one hand, enabling the operator to control the camera with the other. The artemis Handheld itself weighs 2.2 pounds. The artemis Cine HD Pro camera stabilizer system, designed for professional and digital cinematography and film production, is revised, combining the traditional functions of the previous Cine and Cine HD systems with the modern equipment of the artemis EFP HD Special Edition.

Tiffen will introduce its Steadicam Scout with a new design that incorporates a combination of features derived from the company’s Pilot, Flyer, Zephyr and Archer2 Steadicam systems, targeted for payloads ranging from 5 to 18 pounds. The Scout features a newly designed sled assembly (camera mounting platform) that has a robust carbon fiber no-tools extendable post. The Scout vest is a continuation of the comfortable Flyer vest.The company will also showcase its Steadicam Zephyr, with a host of “future proof” features, as well as the Zephyr vest assembly, an updated continuation of the Flyer vest.


Autocue/QTV will introduce redesigned Master Series LED Teleprompters, the company’s top-end broadcast teleprompter range. The new range uses LED backlit technology and also provides instant access to the glass and a hidden compartment for a cloth and cleaning solution to make cleaning the glass easier. Also being featured is inboard cable management and a dimmable cue light located on the monitor. The company will also showcase its Starter Series Teleprompters. Accompanying LED lights and new tripods make up a complete Starter Series for the videographer.

Autoscript TFT-8HB-M 8-inch high brightness on-camera prompter unitAutoscript, a Vitech Group brand, will show off their new TFT-8HB-M 8-inch high brightness on-camera prompter unit. The three-pound unit features illuminated switches, a built-in tally/cue light with an Opti Sensor input and repeat output.

BHV Broadcast’s TallyHo! wireless tally indicator system is comprised of a base station with direct interface to the local vision mixer and a set of camera hot-shoe mounted receiver modules and gives camera operators, and, crucially, the camera subject, a highly visible indication of on-air status.

CPC (Computer Prompting & Captioning) will demonstrate its new YouCaption real-time speech recognition-based closed captioning software. Also being featured is the company’s CPC-2000 SmartPrompter Software with Simultaneous Captioning. All prompter text is automatically captioned as the text is read. Prerecorded and live unscripted segments are captioned manually.

Tiffen will introduce its Listec PromptXpress Series Teleprompters, incorporating a built-in WiFi Windows-based computer and featuring a high quality enhanced brightness 15-inch LED display with vandal shield protector and Listec’s unique internal SensaTally. The company will also show the Listec Entree Series prompters, configured for conventional style ENG cameras and the new breed of mini DV camcorders.


Petrol will introduce its Petrol Dr. Digi DSLR Camera Bag, based on the company’s popular Dr. Petrol camera carrier, as well as its Personal Computer Backpack with DSLR Pouch, an ultra lightweight black backpack designed to transport a PC and video-enabled DSLR camera.

PortaBrace will debut its Quick-Draw CC-HD2OR camera case with off-road wheels. The case has a tough, lightweight frame with padded protection on all sides including a wide viewfinder guard. The company will also show its lightweight BK-4 backpack and demonstrate a new Case Interior Illumination system, using electroluminescence lighting technology. The LI-GLW is an interior illumination pouch kit that helps users view case contents in darkness and bad weather conditions.

Tiffen will show its Domke Video Bags line, which offers a combination of traditional Domke look and features such as padding to protect cameras, movable inserts to allow configuration so the bag can be built around the camera and other contents. The company has also added new touches and styling to its Pro-V Jr series.