Miami: Next Stop for the Creative Video Revolution

BlackMagic Cinema Camera

LOS ANGELES - If you’re in (or near) Miami on July 9, I’d like to invite you to join us for our Creative Video Revolution Tour, an event highlighting the capabilities and creative possibilities of Blackmagic Design’s range of cameras, Fusion compositing software and Resolve color management system. This afternoon event includes presentations, real-time demonstrations, panel discussions and guidance from Blackmagic product specialists. You can register now to attend (at no cost) at

The creative team from the feature The Living will be joining us in Miami for a panel discussion on the film’s production and post. A stylish noir thriller, The Living was shot with Blackmagic’s Cinema Camera and graded in DaVinci Resolve. Producer/director/writer Jack Bryan, producer Laura DuBois, producer John Snyder, cinematographer Aleksandar Kosutic and colorist Juan Salvo will all be in attendance for the conversation.

“A lot of the scenes were dramatic, up close and personal, and they were shot in very dark circumstances,” recalls Kosutic. “We knew we had the [13 stops of dynamic] range of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, and we were able to be incredibly creative and flexible. It was amazing how much we could pull out from the raw images, and the camera’s dynamic range made the film look complete.”

Footage received a first-pass grade on set, with both Bryan and Kosutic running DaVinci Resolve on their laptops. Material was then sent to New York’s theColourSpace for final editing and color correction by Salvo, also on Resolve.

Wait, There’s More: Miami Tour Giveaways

If you join us, be sure to enter the raffle.* We’ll be giving away these amazing products at the Miami event:

  • A full license of Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, valued at $995
  • Fusion Studio, valued at $995
  • A Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, valued at $995

*Winner must be present to claim his/her prize.