HPA Issues Call for Proposals for Tech Retreat

LOS ANGELES—Things are officially getting underway for the 2017 edition of the Hollywood Professional Association’s Tech Retreat, as HPA is now taking proposals for topics.

With Mark Schubin organizing the main program, possible topics can cover anything related to moving images and associated sounds. Specific examples provided by Schubin in HPA’s official press release included augmented reality, format conversion, immersive sound, wide color gamut, 8K and more. “Anything from scene to seen and gear to ear is fair game,” said Schubin.

Submissions should be only a sentence or two, with submissions of interest being contacted for more information. Presentations are typically a half-hour, including set-up and Q&A, though some accommodations can be made. Panels are longer, but should also include panelists and moderator.

The call for proposals is also out for Breakfast Roundtables, which will take place at 7:30 a.m. during the entire retreat. These are open to marketing information, or any other information of interest. There is no vetting process for Breakfast Roundtables and no deadline for submission, but once the maximum number of tables is reached (32 per day) no more can be accepted. Proposals should list the desired day and topic.

Submissions for both the main program and Breakfast Roundtables should be sent to Mark Schubin at tvmark@earthlink.net. The deadline for submitting proposals for the main program is Oct. 28. The 2017 HPA Tech Retreat is scheduled to take place from Feb. 21-24, 2017 in Indian Wells, Calif.