Brick House Video Debuts New Line of Switchers, HD Converter

(click thumbnail)Callisto-PBrick House Video Ltd. will be showing a newly upgraded line of the company’s Callisto video production switchers. The new models now include chroma keying and also “Hot-Cut,” which allows users to switch asynchronous signals with no freeze-framing. The Callisto is well suited for SNG applications, where quick deployment and independent power supply are essential. The switcher has full broadcast specifications and uses 10-bit processing.

Also debuting is the Syntax HD up/cross/down converter unit, which uses a super-resolution bandlet algorithm to provide the advantages of motion-compensated processing without the high cost and occasional artifacts. The Syntax HD converter occupies a single rack space and provides affordable conversion.

The Brick House booth will also display its Proteus, a multiformat, multipurpose converter which features frame synchronism, TBC, audio and video proc amps, optional audio delay of up to 10 seconds and aspect ration conversion. It also does bi-directional standards conversion. Other products include the Neptune dual frame synchronizer, which offers SDI I/O and analog outputs; and the VTB-2A, a small physical profile standalone four-channel composite field switcher.