Barix Unveiling SIP Opus Codec at 2019 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS—The 2019 NAB Show will be the launching point for Barix’s newest addition to its audio over IP transport products, the MA400 SIP Opus Codec. The new offering combines SIP-based link establishment with the Opus compression format.

The MA400 encodes and decodes audio signals through the open standard Opus codec. It then builds on the codec with SIP functionality to establish links across SIP-compatible telephone, radio and other communication systems. With the SIP functionality, the MA400 can dial another device or phone number and automatically negotiate a transmission link for audio streaming.

The MA400 is built on Barix’s IPAM 400 audio module and features an analog, microphone-level input and line-level output. It shares the same form factor and build quality as the Exstreamer 100 product family.

The Barix booth will be located in the Central Hall, C1139, during the NAB Show. To register for the NAB Show, visit