AES holds 50th International Conference

The role of higher education has come under scrutiny lately. The rapidly escalating cost of securing a four-year college degree, coupled with the severely limited availability of jobs throughout multiple sectors of the economy have caused many to question the assumption that leaving high school for a college quad is the way to go.

Similar questions have percolated throughout the television industry. The proliferation of inexpensive entry-level workstations and online tutorial videos have made it possible for the aspiring audio engineer to gain expertise without adopting the time-honored garbage can internee to assistant engineer to person who gets to step in when a pro calls in sick model.

The Audio Engineering Society’s 50th International Conference was held July 25-27 at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN, and it focused on audio education issues. The conference brought together educators and audio industry pros for a frank discussion of the world we live in and the best way to prepare the next generation of engineers for the work place they are likely to face.

The keynote address was delivered by Bob McCarthy, Director of System Optimization at Meyer Sound.