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Abekas Mira Production Server

The Abekas Mira™ Production Server features JPEG-2000 compression for incredible HD and SD image quality, and is intended for live instant replay applications.

Partnership between Abekas and DNF Controls created the DNF “DMAT-AB” control panel, designed specifically for use with the four-channel Mira server. This “Mira+DMAT” combo provides an extremely affordable and high-quality solution for college and high school sport replay markets. “3-IN / 1-OUT” operation is supported, in which three live cameras are continuously recorded without interruption, while the fourth Mira video channel is used for live instant replay with slow motion playback. DMAT also supports multiple play lists to create game highlight packages.

The Mira replay solution offers a unique “instant live cut” feature, providing live instant switching between the three video cameras on the single replay channel—all within a compact 3RU chassis. As an option, Mira also records 2X and 3X super slow motion cameras.