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2019 TVT Best of Show Winners Gallery

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Accelerated Media Technologies

Jerry Agresti, Thomas P. Jennings, Ron Laurence and Brian Curry of Accelerated Media Technologies bask in the sun and their Best of Show win for AMT’s Quick Response Vehicle-IP.
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Advantech General Manager Ween Niu displays the Best of Show award won for the VEGA6-6304 8K Broadcast Video Encoder.
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Alteros’ Director of Sales and Marketing Jonathan Novick shakes the hand of TV Technology Content Director Tom Butts following the Best of Show win for the GTX-FX8 direct-to-fiber system.
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Mike Callahan, AWS head of media solutions marketing, was all smiles after AWS Elemental MediaConnect received the Best of Show award.
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The BB&S Lighting booth was able to show some additional hardware after its Area 48 Color Lighting Fixture was named a Best of Show winner; Toby Sali and founder Peter Plesner accepted the award.
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BOS-Bittree_Ari Baron

Ari Baron of Bittree alongside the Best of Show-winning Patch32A Dante Patchbay.
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Black Box

Best of Show winners for the Emerald Unified KVM Platform, the Black Box team—(from top left) Bill Frazier, Douglas Kuzma, Josh Whitney, Merle Farquhar, Ed Krach, Tom Fitzgerald, Joshua Sellers, Chris Hsu and Max Kryvenko—pose with the award.
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Darren Lew, senior product manager with Blackmagic Design, receives the Best of Show award for the ATEM Constellation 8K Switcher.
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With a Best of Show win for the 9 Series 1-inch sensor 4K PTZ camera, Bolin Technology CEO Hoi “Kyle” Lo accepts the award.
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BOS-Bridge Technologies

Norwegian-based Bridge Technologies left Las Vegas with a Best of Show award for its VB440 IP Probe with Instrument View, shown here with Chairman Simen K. Frostad.
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Brightcove was among the Best of Show winners, as Chief Revenue Officer Rick Hanson accepted the honor for the Brightcove Live platform.
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Canon Senior Fellow Larry Thorpe accepts the Best of Show for the DIGISUPER 122 camera.
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Larry Thorpe with Canon’s second Best of Show Award for its CJ18ex28B and CJ15ex8.5B lenses.
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The spotlights were on Cineo Lighting - and Marketing Manager Ashley Hutchings - after winning the Best of Show award for the LightBlade Edge modular lighting system.
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BOS-Cisco_see name tag photos

Jacob Jeevanayagam, Francesco Meo and Pavani Reddy Barenkabi share in the celebration after Cisco’s IP Fabric wins a Best of Show award.
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Clear-Com’s Mitzi Dominguez and Simon Browne accept the Best of Show Award for the company’s V-Series Iris.
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Cobalt Digital

Cobalt added another award to go along with their Emmy, as Suzana Brady accepts the Best of Show Award for the 9992 Compression Series.
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Bogdan Frusina, founder and CTO of Dejero, and the Best of Show-winning CuePoint low latency return feed server.
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The ENCO Systems enTranslate automated live translation platform was a Best of Show winner, shared here by ENCO President Ken Frommert and Product Manager Matt Walther.
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BOS-Enesys Teamcast1

With the award-winning vCN behind him, Jérôme Floch, Enensys Technologies’ product manager, holds up the Best of Show plaque.
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BOS-Enesys Teamcast2

Enensys Director of Product Marketing Laurent Roul touts TestTree’s ReFeree 3 in one hand and its Best of Show award in the other.
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Evertz Marketing Manager Bob Fung accepts the Best of Show for MediaFlow.
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Bob Fung, marketing manager with Evertz, holds up the company’s Best of Show award for the evEDGE virtualized processing services system.
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Flanders Scientific

Standing beside the award-winning XM311K 31-inch 4K HDR Mastering Monitor, Flanders Scientific CEO and General Manager Bram Desmet displays the Best of Show plaque.
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Glensound, represented here by Managing Director Gavin Davis, won a Best of Show Award for its Divine AoIP PoE powered monitor.
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Grass Valley - Creative Grading

Grass Valley was a two-time winner of Best of Show Awards this year, first here for the Creative Grading, accepted by Ronny van Geel, director of product management, ...
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Grass Valley - Stratus One

and also for the GV Stratus One, shared here with Damon Hawkins, product manager, and Drew Martin, technical product manager.
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Miroslav Wicha, chairman, CEO and president of Haivision, beams following the Best of Show win for the Secure Reliable Transport technology (SRT).
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BOS-Harmonic_Jean Macher

Harmonic was a Best of Show winner for its Primary Distribution Solution, with Jean Macher, director of broadcast market development, accepting the award for the company.
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Joseph Turbolski, vice president of sales and marketing, and Richard E. Fiore Jr., president and CEO from Hitachi flank the Best of Show-winning E-Compact model EC710MP-BB.
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Hitachi’s second Best of Show award, Engineering Manager Emili Aleman holds up the award alongside the SK-HD1800 production camera.
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TV Technology Content Producer Michael Balderston presents the Best of Show Award to IHSE President and CEO Manny Patel for the Draco Ultra DisplayPort.
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Louise Moggio of Imagine Communications receives the Best of Show Award for the company’s xG GamePlan ad inventory optimizer.
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BOS-Interra Systems

The Interra Systems team - Shailesh Kumar, Sanjay Rao, Sanjay Mittal, Asish Kumar Das Bera and Benjamin Rapoport - celebrate the Best of Show win for the WINNOW Classification & Compliance system.
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Marketing & Communications Executive Nils Finger and Director of Business Development Katty Van Mele of intoPIX receive the Best of Show award for the FastTICO-XS low- latency software codec.
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Craig Yanagi, JVC’s national marketing manager, holds up the Best of Show award that was given to the GY-HC550 hand-held broadcast camcorder.
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Tom Butts congratulates Leader Director of Sales Peter Anderson for the LV5900 8K waveform monitor’s Best of Show win.
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Anderson shares in another Best of Show award for the LV5600 SDI/IP hybrid waveform monitor with Hiromitsu Matsubayashi, Leader’s president.
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Limelight’s Keith Weinberger, director of product management, video, and Steve Miller Jones, vice president of product strategy, proudly display the Best of Show award for the Limelight Realtime Streaming device.
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LiteGear President and CEO Al Demayo stands by the Best of Show winning LiteMat Spectrum.
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Winning for the LiveU Matrix cloud video management platform, the Best of Show award was accepted by Product Manager Christopher Perry.
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Pete Challinger represents Lupo Srl, which was a winner for its Superpanel Full Color 60 RGBW LED panel.
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Mary Spangler accepts the Best of Show award for the Pro Convert SDI/ HDMI to NDI converters from Magewell Electronics.
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BOS-unknown2 earned itself a Best of Show award for the newsroom in the cloud Live Video Cloud system; CEO Andreas Jacobi accepted the award.
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Earning a Best of Show Award for the DSX LE5 Q25 ST 2110 NIC card, Matrox’s Jennie Kimpel smiles for the camera.
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Mobile TV Group

Nick Garvin, Philip Garvin, Dale Canino and Mark Chiolis share in the Best of Show win for Mobile TV Group’s 45 Flex IP mobile production unit.
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In front of the winning VMC Software, Brian Olson and Scott Carroll of NewTek receive the Best of Show plaque; NewTek also won for its NDI 4.0.
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Jim Wickizer and Harry Patel of Panasonic celebrate a pair of Best of Show wins for Panasonic, for the company’s AW-UE150 4K/60p pan/tilt/zoom camera and AG-CX350 4K handheld camcorder.
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Prime Focus Technologies

Prime Focus Technologies’ Nick Kaimakami, T Shobhana and CEO Ramki Sankaranarayanan accept the Best of Show Award on behalf of the company’s AI-led Promo Assistance.
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Pronology’s Jonathan Aroesty places the Best of Show Award for the rNAS.m3 ruggedized, high-performance NAS next to its previously won Emmy.
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Ted Korte, Qligent chief technology officer, proudly displays the Best of Show Award earned for the Vision Analytics-Churn Prevention platform.
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Rohde _ Schwarz

Stephen Kraft, next to Dr. Alexander Hackmann, gives the thumbs up after winning the Best of Show Award for Rohde & Schwarz’s monitoring solution.
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Ross 1

The first of two Best of Show Awards for Ross Video was presented to Nigel Spratling for the Carbonite Ultra UHD production switcher.
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Ross 2

The second of Ross’ wins, accepted here by Todd Riggs and Matt Zimmer, was for the Ultritouch System control panel.
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Signiant’s Andrew Belo accepts the Best of Show Award on behalf of the Jet SaaS solution.
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Michael Potts and David Rosen of Sony share in one of two of the company’s Best of Show awards, this one for the Ci MediaLog.
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The Live Element of Orchestrator was the second of Sony’s wins, accepted here by Deon LeCointe, Tsuyoshi Nakao and Osuke Kubo.
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Vice President Dan Gustafson and the rest of the Sportzcast team scored a Best of Show Award for their ScoreHub data and graphics distribution system.
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Tektronix, represented her by Applications Engineer Andrew Scott, were Best of Show winners for its Aurora 7.0 File QC.
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The team at Telemetrics responsible for the award-winning RCCP-2A Robotic Camera Control Panel includes (l-r): David Workman, Director of Sales & Business Development; Anthony Cuomo, President; Ed Lopresti, Design Engineer; Michael Cuomo, Vice President; and Sergio Penetra, Design Engineer.
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All smiles after the win, Telestream’s Scott Murray holds up the Vantage Cloud Port’s Best of Show Award.
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Teradek’s Bolt 4K wireless video technology won the Best of Show Award, and David Bredbury, Dorian Backus and Tim Malooly embrace after hearing the news.
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Broadcast Equipment Division Managing Director Charlie Shin gives the thumbs up after TV Logic wins two Best of Show awards, one for the F-7H mk2 field monitor (pictured) and another for the IS-mini 4K video color processor.
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Eric Chang of TVU Networks stands beside the Best of Show- winning TVU One 4K cellular mobile transmitter.
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Kevin Grubiss and Ken Rubin from Vela receive the Best of Show award for the Encompass Compliance Monitor SmartLogger.
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The entire Vislink team reveled in the Best of Show win for the company’s HCAM 4K UHD wireless camera solution.
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Phil Owens, Dave Breithaupt, Paul S. Picard, Scott Gerenser and Brad Harrison stand with Wheatstone’s Best of Show-winning Strata 32 digital audio television console.