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2018 NAB Show: ZOO Digital to Dispaly Content Security using Facial Recognition

LAS VEGAS—At the 2018 NAB Show, ZOO Digital will demonstrate a new security feature that employs machine learning and facial recognition to automatically obscure all areas of a video stream except for the actors’ faces or mouths, or any other areas necessary for accurate lip-syncing, subtitling and dubbing.

By deliberately spoiling the video, TV and movie assets used for localization would no longer have entertainment value, thereby reducing their value for piracy. The security feature obscures portions of each frame using a process similar to rotoscoping, a visual effects technique used to create a matte for a live action sequence for compositing purposes.

While using rotoscoping to spoil proxies has been around for a while, this manual technique is expensive and time-consuming. By automating the process, the facial recognition feature could be used on all kinds of high-value content, not just major Hollywood releases, for greater content security, without impeding the subtitling and dubbing process. The company also offers encryption, two-factor authentication and individual watermarking solutions.

The 2018 NAB Show takes place in Las Vegas, April 9-12. ZOO Digital will be in booth SL5724. For more information, visit

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