ScheduALL to show browser-based product suite at IBC

ScheduALL will introduce a suite of browser-based products at IBC2006 that increase the range, functionality and usage of its resource management solution. WebScheduler provides remote-access users with the unique ability to create, search, request and modify client scheduled work orders and detailed events across an entire facility network. WebLibrary allows users to view, update and request media assets from the newly enhanced ScheduALL Media Manager library system.

Media Manager is an online library system that supports versioning control and multiple forms of media assets such as tapes, film, images and other forms of physical and electronic digital content.

The ScheduALL Contract Manager is an electronic contracting system that offers post production and broadcast facilities the ability to track and monitor individual customer contracts at the operational level.

SNG Truck Manager allows broadcasters to integrate satellite activation and deactivation into their operational workflow, seamlessly coordinating their SNG remote teams.

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