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PlayBox Technology announces SocialMediaBox

PlayBox Technology has announced the imminent release of SocialMediaBox. SocialMediaBox enables program production and presentation creators to incorporate comments from multiple social networking feeds quickly and efficiently into a single ready-for-broadcast stream.

The system is controlled using a standard web browser. Operators can view preconfigured feeds from various social media sources or web sites, and add the desired posts to a customized feed list using simple drag-and-drop. Comments in the customized feed can then be edited, checked against a profanity word list, and published immediately (instant-publish mode) or floated unti approved for publishing.

SocialMediaBox is a client/server application using SQL-based data storage and supporting multi-user access as well as multiple outputs. A single application can be used across several televison shows and channels. Multiple user accounts may be assigned, each account then being able to create customized feeds. Access to each feed can also be configured as private, accessible by designated users or available to all users.