KTech introduces new demultiplexer

KTech Telecom has introduced a new demultiplexer. The DMUX-150E is 1RU 19” rack unit that has one DVB-ASI input and two DVB-ASI outputs.

The unit has one DVB-ASI input of up to 38.784 Mbps and two output ports to carry multiple streams of 19.394 Mbps each. The unit also remaps PIDs, updates Transport Stream ID, performs channel ID update, and regenerates PCR. The user can pick and choose which of the multiple programs will be outported to a specific ASI stream output. The feature is controlled via RS232 or RJ45 terminal which includes an user-friendly web based remote control interface GUI.

By separating one DVB-ASI stream into two and then feeding it into the 64/256 QAM modulator, cable television plants are able to carry just the programs that they would like to pass along onto their cable system.

The DMUX-150E will be available soon.

For more information visit www.ktechtelecom.com.

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