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Fiber transceiver links 360-degree tracking system

Edwards Air Force Base is using point-of-view (POV) fiber optic transceiver modules from Telecast Fiber Systems to test is 360-degree aircraft tracking system.

The POV systems are specially equipped with optical and electrical multiplexing that permits high-density bi-directional transmission to and from the operations center.

Flight Vision can track any object flying in its vicinity. It is located on the top of a building that also houses the control room. It consists of three three-chip Hitachi and Sony analog video cameras that are equipped with interchangeable lenses from Davro and Flir and mounted onto a robotic pedestal. With the POV system, a single operator using a joystick can rotate the pedestal 360 degrees and tilt it so the cameras point straight up to track and record flight information of the aircrafts under test.

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