DIRECTV launches “Hurricane Katrina Information” channel

DIRECTV has launched a dedicated 24-hour “Hurricane Katrina Information” channel that is providing vital information concerning hurricane Katrina relief and recovery efforts to evacuees in shelters across the Gulf Coast as well as to DIRECTV viewers nationwide.

Since it went live, the channel has provided viewers with the ability to send text messages to family and friends separated by the hurricane and its aftermath. Messages are scrolled across the bottom of the television screen on DIRECTV channel 100. To place a message on this channel for family and friends, viewers can send an e-mail message to or send a text message via their cellular phone directly to text code “48433.”

Information available on the Hurricane Katrina Information channel includes:

  • Transportation infrastructure – road closures throughout the Gulf region.
  • Counties/parishes in the Gulf region that are able to assist evacuees.
  • The location and phone numbers of special needs shelters in Louisiana.
  • Shelter openings throughout the Gulf Coast region.
  • Insurance company contact information.
  • Relief agency contact information, including phone numbers for the Red Cross, Salvation Army and Feed the Children.

Text messaging capabilities are provided by Los Angeles-based GoldPocket Wireless’s integrated mobile platform.

For more information, visit and

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