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Zoic Beefs Up Facility

Los Angeles, CA– Responding to industry growth and an increasing number of projects, visual effects company Zoic Studios has just completed a major expansion, adding new talent, technology, and studio space. The new build-out will allow capacity to increase by 30 people, bringing the total to 75 CG workstations.
The company has also begun implementation of its new network backbone utilizing new 10-Gb fiber switches from Extreme networks, which will allow full Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop workstation. With the advent of more bandwidth-intensive applications, this will reduce much of the burden artists have experienced when working with film and HD resolution materials in the past. In addition to 75 CG seats, Zoic has four HD Flame Bays, one Avid, and a Panasonic D5 deck. The company works with such technology partners as Discreet, Newtek, Alias and Isilon Storage Systems.
Zoic Studios