Zenith To Sponsor CBS HDTV Programming

(October 14, 2003) New York, NY--CBS, UPNCBS, and UPN have partnered with Zenith to broadcast scripted primetime television programming in HD. The partnership marks CBS's fifth consecutive year of offering its primetime programming in HDTV and the first year for UPN, which will kick off HDTV broadcasts with "Star Trek: Enterprise" and "Jake 2.0" starting tonight.

"We've very pleased Zenith is partnering with CBS for the third year in a row to sponsor our primetime comedies and dramas in high-def, and we are very excited to be working with them on UPN's first-ever HDTV broadcasts, which served as a giant step toward a sharper, clearer future," said Leslie Moonves, chairman and CEO, CBS, who also oversees UPN.

"Star Trek: Enterprise" and "Jake 2.0" will be produced in the 1080i format.