ZeeVee introduces new HDbridge 2000 Series encoder/modulators

ZeeVee has introduced four new HDbridge 2000 Series encoders/modulators for higher-density HD video distribution.

The units are compatible with existing technologies to lower costs, while providing a host of new features for faster deployment and advanced management.

The new 1RU products can broadcast up to four HD (1080p/i or 720p) channels. They can be easily combined to distribute hundreds of channels over existing coaxial cabling to an unlimited number of HDTVs, drastically lowering the cost of deployment and simplifying installations. MPEG-2 video and AC3 audio encoding ensure compatibility with any HDTV worldwide.

In a single 1RU chassis, the HDb2620 and HDb2640 offer two and four 1080p/i channels, respectively, while the HDb2520 and HDb2540 provide two and four 720p channels. For rapid deployment, all channels can be set at once.