Yospace Serves Up Ad Insertion for Australian Open Broadcast

MIDDLESEX, ENGLAND—Seven Networks provided full court coverage of the 2017 Australian Open—which took place in January—and with the help of Yospace was able to monetize its online coverage.

Seven Networks provide online streaming coverage of action from all 16 courts in play during the annual tournament, but in the past had encountered some problems with ad insertion for its live streams. Some issues included the performance of mid-roll advertising and the integrity of the stream. Using Yospace’s Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) platform, Seven was able to insert advertising before the stream is delivered to the platform/device, which it says is more in line with viewers broadcast television expectations.

The DAI platform translates established systems to an OTT environment, ensuring frame-accuracy and seamlessness to online advertising, while also being able to create customized streams for particular viewer requirements or interests. The Yospace system offers a server-side stitching approach designed for modern, multi-platform broadcast advertising strategy by allowing a single stream, with ads already stitched in, to be delivered across multiple platform/devices. The DAI system can also track ads through an SDK embedded in the player.

“Yospace offered great flexibility and really understood the broadcast workflow,” said Damian McNamara, head of digital video, infrastructure and operations for Seven West Media. “The platform excels at delivering a custom experience for each user, and that enabled a seamless delivery to premium and non-premium viewers.”