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XpanD Offers 3D Glasses with Handy Wipes

LOS ANGELES: XpanD, maker of 3D video and cinema glasses, said today it was offering “the most sanitary, environmentally friendly and highest quality 3D glasses on the market with its washable, reusable electronic 3D glasses and accompanying personal sanitary wipes.”

Cinemas typically pass out 3D glasses that either disposed of or somehow recycled. XpanD’s trying to cut costs a bit by offering glasses than be run “through a washing machine or by offering antibacterial sanitizing and cleaning wipes to customers when the glasses are issued. Both methods ensure that every pair of glasses is clean and germ-free, reinforcing the safety of each consumer as they wear them during the 3D movie. In addition, the sanitary wipes allow the customers to re-clean the glasses before or during the movie if needed.”

The company rolled out universal 3D glasses at a trade show in Germany over the summer. The X103s are said to be compatible with 3D LCD, DLP and plasma TVs and other active-shutter monitors, as well as movie theaters using XpanD Cinema projection technology.

Maria Costeira, CEO of XpanD: “XpanD has been pointing out the faults of low-cost, low-quality 3D systems that are using disposable 3D glasses. At the same time, XpanD developed and employs trusted methods of cleaning that are approved for the hospitality industry. Our cinema exhibition partners have invested in order to provide their customers the best 3D cinema experience. Any arguments to the contrary are coming solely from industry competitors. We have carefully examined the issue of hygiene and 3D glasses and we continue to offer consumers the highest performing, most sanitary and most ecologically responsible 3D glasses in the cinema market today.”