Wohler, SoundField agree to partnership

Wohler Technologies has announced that it will serve as a reseller and distributor for SoundField, the U.K.-based company renowned for developing and manufacturing microphones and upmix solutions for recording and processing in stereo and surround formats. Wohler will offer SoundField's full product line, including the acclaimed DSF-2 broadcast microphone system and the UPM-1 stereo-to-5.1 converter, across all of North, Central and South America with the exception of Colombia.

"Wohler's strength and dominant market position within North America, as well as Central and South America, will be key to expanding our distribution and market presence in some of the largest broadcast markets in the world," said Ken Giles, owner and managing director of SoundField. "This partnership has enormous potential for both companies' customers, and we're confident that it will enable more broadcasters worldwide to achieve the unique quality delivered by SoundField products and technologies."

"SoundField is well-established in the U.K. and across European markets, and the company's upmix product and plug-ins, as well as its surround mics, are widely recognized as current state-of-the-art and best-practice products for major broadcasters," said Carl Dempsey, chief executive officer at Wohler. "We're excited to have this opportunity.”

Designed specifically for broadcast applications, the SoundField DSF-2 broadcast microphone system simultaneously provides both surround and stereo sound at large-scale, outside broadcast events such as football stadiums and concert halls. The multichannel audio generated from a "single point" source is completely phase-coherent, so the broadcaster can collapse the surround to stereo or mono for TV and radio feeds without information loss, frequency imbalance or any of the phase problems associated with spaced microphones or multiple-capsule "dummy head" arrangements.

SoundField's UPM-1 19in rack hardware processor, with an all-digital signal path, offers a simple upmix solution for creating natural-sounding 5.1 surround from a stereo signal. The UPM-1 uses a unique algorithm to perform detailed real-time analysis of the stereo source material, identifying and separating the ambience from the direct sound.

Wohler will show the SoundField product line at the upcoming AES Convention in New York, Booth #569.