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Wohler Hails Monitoring, Touchscreens

With a renewed emphasis on the R&D work that goes on behind the scenes, Wohler Technologies comes to the NAB Show with new product introductions that target broadcasters’ desire to work more efficiently — and let their fingers do the talking with a spate of touchscreen-type devices.

In the touchscreen space, Wohler is introducing the Touch-it digital multichannel video monitor and controller, a 3 RU system that features side-by-side 7-inch color LCD displays. It also boasts the ability to display up to 16 thumbnail images, handle eight standard SD-SDI video inputs and can be used to enable remote control of routers, switchers, servers and VTRs.

At its Monday morning press conference, the company put touchscreen technology to work as it gave journalists a look at the Clear Touch, a new multitouch, scalable touchscreen that can be used as a presentation device.

In the monitoring space, the company is introducing the WohlerPlus line of audio processing and monitoring solutions. Allowing broadcasters to configure the solution as they like, the WohlerPlus features five processor slots with flexible inputs, including 16 channels or eight AES pairs per card, as well as multiple-channel synchronization, alarm capabilities and optional inputs for multirate serial digital embedded audio with Dolby decoding.

What is unique about WohlerPlus is that it offers a variety of DSP options so that each unit can be configured to a facility’s specific needs.

“Users can configure [the system] around their workflow as it changes in the future,” said David Johnson, director of sales for Wohler.


The company is also showcasing the Touchstone 3G portable signal test generator, a palm-sized, battery-operated device now capable of testing 3 Gbps serial digital signals. The unit can generate 37 different 10-bit video test patterns.

Wohler is also delving into a new arena — the intercom space — by launching the new Touch-Comm multiviewer, a two-panel monitoring, routing and communications device with state-of-the-art touchscreen technology and IP-based communications protocol. One panel can display up to 12 thumbnail video images; the second panel serves as a communication control panel that allows for multichannel intercommunications between users.

The company is also showing the newest additions to the modular openGear line, which pairs together a standard card and a choice of IP card applications such as an HD-format dual-channel logo keyer, HDVANC data inserter/extractor and HDCC-200A closed-caption encoder/decoder bridge. Wohler CEO and President Carl Dempsey was quick to quip that Wohler isn’t readily associated as a closed-captioning company, but it’s working to change that perception.

Other solutions here at the show include evaluation-grade monitors known as the HDMon family, which include the new HDMon-240EG model; the MON family of high-resolution display monitors; the AMP2-E8MDA multiformat audio monitor; and new solutions for the Red Range line converters, including a new 3 Gbps downconverter and new 1X8 distribution amp. ©2008 NAB