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Wohler announces openGear captioning solutions

Wohler Technologies has announced the availability of its openGear HDCC series captioning/subtitling solution in two versions. The first is a full-featured model that provides all the capabilities of Wohler’s current HDCC series captioning/subtitling cards within the openGear form factor, and the second is a cost-effective single-channel solution primarily designed to complement the Ross Nielsen Watermarks Encoder (NWE-3G).

The openGear HDCC card is designed for the openGear 2RU 19in modular frame. It features a range of capabilities, including encoding, decoding, transcoding and monitoring of captions for CEA-608, CEA-708, WST, OP-47 and ARIB B37 formats, as well as 3G video support and encoding/decoding of multiple GPI cues.

Concurrent with the release of Ross’ new NWE-EG Nielsen Watermarks Encoder, Wohler is offering a single-channel openGear HDCC series card to provide captioning functionality that gives users of legacy Nielsen systems a way to transition smoothly to the new Ross NWE-3G system while maintaining full closed-captioning capabilities.