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Wohler adds vectorscope feature to RM series HD video monitors

Wohler Technologies has added vectorscope capability to all of its new RM HD LCD video monitoring products. Already equipped with waveform display and a broad range of metering and overlay options, the compact monitors bring high-quality HD monitoring to space-constrained production environments.

Ideal for confidence monitoring, the RM series of slim, lightweight LCD monitors allows status monitoring of HD/SD-SDI video and composite video with embedded audio. Each system features two to four high-resolution screens that display HD or SD video, as well as meters for up to eight channels of audio. Additional overlays that can be added by the operator include safe area and safe title markers, a center mark, time code, display format and IMD.

Eight of Wohler's RM-HD monitors now feature vectorscope capability. They include the RM-2435-HD, RM-2443W-2HD, RM-2443W-HD, RM-3270W-2HD, RM-3270W-HD, RM-3357-HD, RM-4290W-2HD, and the RM-4290W-HD.