Wireworks offers road-ready opticalCON fiber products

Wireworks is now offering a complete fiber-optic family of products for broadcast studio, truck and remote applications that includes interface panels, equipment cables and rugged field cables. The new Fiber Solutions series includes Neutrik opticalCON DUO connectors.

The Fiber Solutions include panels for hub and remote interconnects, combining Neutrik’s opticalCON DUO in two-core field cables, four core Y split cables, hybrid cables, SMPTE cables and SM hybrid camera cables in a road-ready package. The products are all LC-based, providing complete reliability, serviceability and redundancy in the field.

The panels are delivered with chassis connectors and appropriate fiber cables for connection to fiber-enabled equipment. Maintenance is minimized due to the panel-mounted opticalCON DUO interconnect cables, which can be easily changed or reconfigured if the system requirements or equipment is upgraded or changed.