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Wheatstone to Intro Latest in IP Audio Console, Studio Control at IBC

Wheatstone Corp. will add to its lineup of studio control and audio-processing products with the European introduction of its new tabletop IP control surface, several pioneering IP audio products, and updated spectral audio processor at the upcoming IBC conference.

The LX-24 is Wheatstone’s latest control surface for its WheatNet-IP audio-over-IP Intelligent Network. The LX-24 is a low-profile, tabletop IP control surface that has the feel of a traditional board with all the smarts and flexibility of Wheatstone AoIP routing. Users can assign any source to any fader; hot swap individual modules without powering down; take command of the control surface from anywhere in the network; interoperate with user automation at the micro level; and change your signature sound from the console.

The Aura8-IP eight-channel audio processor provides multiband processing wherever it’s needed in the studio and for any purpose: low-latency talent headphones, microphones, satellite uplinks, Web streams, HD feeds and more. It is used for peak- and spectral-control of talk show call-ins as well as for codec pre-processing, IFB conditioning, sweetening incoming commercials and newsroom feeds, and remote feed conditioning. This unit is based on Wheatstone’s AirAura audio processor and form-fitted into Wheatstone’s BLADE WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network access unit to give it its network capability.

Wheatstone’s MADI BLADE bridges the gap, literally, between your MADI-capable audio gear/network and the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network. The MADI BLADE provides 64 channels of bidirectional audio bridging and includes two eight-channel utility mixers and 12 universal GPIOs.

The AirAura will be sporting a new sound at IBC. AirAura’s version 2.0 upgrade creates a virtual subwoofer in the 40–90 Hz range to give listeners bass they can feel. Also new is its Speech Smart technology – a way to manage the multiband AGC and compressor to keep speech sounding clean and natural. Finally, AirAura 2.0 features many new presets, all fully tweakable, to help broadcasters find their station’s perfect signature sound.

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