WFLA-TV Launches Mobile DTV

TAMPA, FLA.:WFLA-TV became the first TV station in this Florida market to launch Mobile DTV. It’s also the second among Media General’s 18 TV stations to do so. The media company's NBC affiliate in Columbus, Ohio--WCMH-TV--started transmitting ATSC M/H Sept. 23. WFLA, also an NBC affiliate, went live with the format Oct. 11.

Media General, based in Richmond, Va., announced its Mobile DTV roll-out plan in June. Media General has 18 stations in 10 states. Marshall N. Morton, president and chief executive officer of Media General, said another four to six stations would add Mobile DTV in the coming months.

Around 70 stations across the country are said to be broadcasting the Mobile DTV format. Receivers are just now becoming available. -- Deborah D. McAdams

September 29, 2010: “Ohio Station Launches Mobile DTV”
In the coming months, WCMH expects to provide unique graphics for the mobile stream and allow for spot advertising insertions much like cable systems do today

June 16, 2010: “Mobile DTV Launch Planned in Media General Markets” 
Media General announced its initial mobile DTV roll-out schedule today.