Wazee Digital Goes With Telestream Cloud

NEVADA CITY, CALIF.—The Telestream Cloud transcoding and media processing workflow is the choice for Wazee Digital for its cloud asset management service. The Telestream Cloud workflow runs on Amazon Web Services.

Wazee Digital’s cloud-native products—Core, Commerce and Digital Media Hub—enable content creators to make their content available for global publishing, syndication, advertising and sponsorship. To better manage this, Wazee Digital is shifting its operation to Telestream Cloud, which provides a range of media processing services, including transcoding, workflow automation, timed text transcription and quality assurance.

Content owners can now upload their media files to the cloud storage of their choice or upload it to storage buckets associated with Wazee Digital’s AWS service. Media discovered by Wazee Digital’s Core is automatically on-boarded for media processing.