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VSN software now runs on Mac platform too

At NAB 2010, VSN will unveil the latest versions of its file transfer and archiving software products, which now run on both Mac OS and/or Windows platforms, even on a single network. The new development provides VSN users of vsnnews terminal, vsnnetsharer/macsharer and vsnarchive software to develop highly flexible networked production architectures.

The capability to seamlessly integrate the VSN solutions with Apple’s Final Cut Pro editing software includes features like drag and drop file transfers between different modules, specific plug-ins to assign editing projects to a playlist and new user interfaces.

Most existing systems can also expand and benefit from greater workflow efficiency, a lower cost of ownership and better communication among the existing islands.

VSN will also introduce new client versions of its traffic and scheduling application, called vsncreaTV, and IP content exchange tool, called vsnIPTransfer — both of which now run on both Mac and Windows platforms.

VsnIPtransfer, the latest addition to the VSN family, enables content providers and broadcasters to exchange high-quality files through standard IP networks, such as DSL, 3G, ISDN, etc, at around 15-20 times faster than standard FTP technology. This provides a dramatic reduction in cost when compared with the traditional tape transfer process or satellite transmission.

VSN optimizes the entire workflow of a TV station by building a fully automated tapeless TV station with truly integrated applications. The company develops more than 50 modular and expandable solutions for a digital and profitable production infrastructure.