Vizrt, Grass Valley Partner

SAN FRANCISCO—Grass Valley and Vizrt Ltd. have integrated the former’s K2 server platform and the latter’s Libero Highlight 3D sports analysis system.

The Grass Valley K2 Summit 3G media server combined with the K2 Dyno replay system is a video replay solution addressing control and highlight generation in file-based live productions. The servers can be integrated into the K2 Dyno Replay System, with functionality controlled by the K2 Dyno Replay Controller. Content management by the K2 Dyno Production Assistant allows a centralized view of content on multiple K2 systems with high-resolution browsing, metadata management, playlist generation and playout capability and rules-based file management.

The companies said Libero Highlight provides 3D virtual sports enhancements and insights into sports games. Based on two or more camera angles, LiberoVision generates 3D replays and tied-to-field virtual graphics, allowing sports presenters to analyze key plays and controversial calls from new perspectives.

With the Grass Valley K2 integration, Libero Highlight can monitor available cameras in the stadium during a live game. For generating a specific 3D analysis clip, an operator chooses two or more cameras and builds the 3D effect or transition between the cameras to tell the story. After adding graphics effects such as player markers, arrows or a virtual player run, the rendered clip is sent back to the K2 Dyno replay system, where it is available for replay or highlights, or played out live from Libero Highlight.

Telestration can be accomplished by looping video from the K2 Dyno through the Libero Highlight system. Using the integration, Libero Highlight controls the K2 server and is able to do live processing of the video so that sports presenters can give in-game analysis and break-downs.

Vizrt also introduced a file-based ingest and output for Libero Highlight to be used in studio applications. Libero Highlight operators can choose video files from a media asset management system like Viz Media Engine, directly load them as clips into Libero Highlight and create the 3D effects. After rendering the files, they are sent back to the MAM system for further use. This allows for a integration into tapeless studio environments.