VidOvation Inks Deal With CyanView Camera Control to Support IP-Based REMI

VidOvation CyanView
(Image credit: VidOvation)

IRVINE, Calif.—VidOvation has announced a deal with CyanView to represent the camera control system supplier in the United States.

The agreement calls on VidOvation to supply turnkey solutions for remote IP-based camera control and shading over unmanaged networks like the internet and cell networks during live multicamera productions, such as sports, VidOvation said.

"CyanView solves the challenge of efficient, unified remote camera control and shading during live production, and we're pleased to represent the company's products in the U.S. market," said Jim Jachetta, executive vice president and chief technology officer of VidOvation.

"Modern productions rely on a variety of specialty cameras, including mini POV, PTZ, robotic, ENG, large-sensor cinema and more. Camera control and shading for these cameras is challenging over unmanaged IP networks, such as the public internet and cellular, but CyanView technology eliminates any challenges associated with latency and intermittent connectivity, making camera control possible over thousands of miles for REMI and at-home production."

Integrating VidOvation’s bonded cellular and wireless system with CyanView’s RCP multicamera control panel provides for reliable, low-latency IP-based transmission of control signals from multiple camera types and brands to live production control rooms. It simplifies remote operations and reduces costs, VidOvation said.

CyanView's RCP camera control supports tally, pan-tilt head and gimbal control as well as  motorized lenses. It offers video correction and video transport from a single system. Users can remotely control all stages of the ecosystem from a unified interface. Integration with bonded cellular and wireless technology enables IP-based signal transport, putting these control capabilities at the fingertips of engineers working remotely in production or master control.

More information is available on the VidOvation website.

Phil Kurz

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