Videotron to unveil MX-6626 HD-ready master control switcher

Videotron will launch a new master control switcher and HDMI converters at NAB2008.

The MS-6626 is an HD-ready master control switcher that handles up to 32 inputs. It supports HD (1.485Mb/s 1080i/720p; 59.94/50Hz) and SD (270Mb/s 525/625) formats and allows keying of three channels of fill and key images to the PGM output.

A high-intensity LCD on the operational panel displays the audio level meter, PST, PGM and on-air video. Optional AES/EBU audio input and support for machine control of up to six VTRs is available.

The company also will introduce the portable HMS-30, which converts HDMI signals into HD (1.485Mb/s 1080i/720p; 59.94/50Hz) and SD (270Mb/s 525/625) signals. It can embed audio on an HDMI signal or two channels of analog audio into an SDI signal.

The portable SHM-30 converts HD (1.485Mb/s 1080i/720p; 59.94/50Hz) and SD (270Mb/s 525/625) into an HDMI signal and displays a time code and audio level meter on-screen.

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