VideoLink adopts new Fujinon technology

The company is using Fujinon's pan/tilt head technology to link on-air talent and broadcasters.
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Fujinon CPT-70F-02A systems

VideoLink, a Boston-based broadcast and transmission services provider, has upgraded its Fujinon ReadyCam systems using the company's latest technology.

Each ReadyCam installation is a fully integrated broadcast studio package that feature Fujinon CPT-70F-02A systems, the latest in Fujinon's pan/tilt head technology. The CPT-70F-02A offers increased speed, reduced power consumption and improved accuracy. VideoLink engineers control the pan/tilt heads from all three facilities with Fujinon EOP-102J-30D control systems, allowing the client to focus on delivering its key messages via television network live shots, Webcasts or corporate videoconferences.

VideoLink partner Dean Gaskill said that all VideoLink bureaus use Fujinon lenses on NTSC and HD cameras for single and multi-camera productions.

A typical VideoLink ReadyCam studio includes a Fujinon CPT-70F-02A pan/tilt system with a broadcast-quality camera, audio package, studio lighting package, remote control interface, TV monitor and VCR. The Fujinon EOP-102J-30D control systems connect to the ReadyCam system via modem over a basic telephone line. Live shots are transmitted to the broadcast destination over a fiber infrastructure, with a split feed sent back to VideoLink headquarters for monitoring purposes.

VideoLink plans to increase its webcasting applications using ReadyCam.

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