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Video Design Software develops reQuest for Quantel's generationQ range

Video Design Software (VDS) is developing the reQuest for Quantel’s generationQ range of products. reQuest is a file transfer utility that will give the generationQ range access to VDS’ extensive industry file support libraries.

reQuest from Video Design Software provides the Quantel generationQ range operator a drag n’ drop file transfer utility, allowing direct native file transfer capabilities between Quantel’s generationQ range of products and many other industry standard video-graphics and live-to-air systems. With reQuest, file interchange between generationQ and products like Pinnacle Thunder or Chyron Aprisa has never been easier. Cross platform compatibility is assured as reQuest is supported in the iQ, gQ, eQ, QEffects, QPaintbox Pro, and QEdit Pro environments.

reQuest makes the task of transferring video clips, stills and graphic files simple and intuititive. reQuest supports the updating of database description information where applicable. It allows the generationQ operator to create or update image description data remotely.

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