Video Clarity introduces ClearView Shuttle line

Video Clarity, a provider of video analysis equipment, has introduced the ClearView Shuttle line — a suite of portable video analysis products.

The company said the new measurement products were reliable, format-agnostic, portable, frame accurate and offer full-reference video quality analysis regardless of its source format.

ClearView is a hybrid solution with multiple subjective viewing modes that also provides quantitative objective metrics. It captures video from a variety of inputs, uncompresses the video (if it is compressed), aligns two video sequences and plays the source and processed video sequences — side-by-side, mirrored or seamless split — on the same display.

Additionally, ClearView can play lists of stored video sequences in any order for any duration, in accordance with the recommendations of ITU-R BT.500.10. ClearView applies various objective metrics to the video sequences, generates graphs and calculates an objective score.

The new products include the ClearView Shuttle Broadcast DL, Shuttle Broadcast AD and Shuttle DVI. Each portable unit weighs about 25lbs, supports up to 1080p and has input test sequences from analog, digital or file.

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