VIA Trinity brings higher definition to the handheld screen

It takes three to make the new three-chip Trinity HD silicon media platform: a VIA processor, a VIA integrated media system processor and an S3 Graphics discrete GPU. The resulting product delivers DirectX 10.1, HD video, Blu-ray and Windows Vista video to the SFF desktop, notebook, mobile devices and embedded processor markets for a richer user experience.

As desktop PCs, notebooks, mobile devices and embedded devices grow smaller and thinner, the demands on system resources increase. Higher definition video content, richer Internet resources and increasingly complex image manipulation require more powerful processing, video and graphics capabilities. VIA Trinity meets these performance requirements using much less board real estate than traditional four-chip platforms and does so inside a relatively low power envelope.

VIA Trinity couples a power-efficient VIA processor with a highly integrated VIA digital media chipset and adds an onboard S3 Graphics PCIe discrete GPU.

VIA's focus on power efficiency at the silicon level enables the integration of all chipset core logic, memory control, IGP, peripheral and networking connectivity, and multimedia functionality into a single-chip solution, allowing the addition of a discrete graphics accelerator without blowing the space or power budget. This lets OEMs offer systems with superior computing, 3-D graphics and HD video performance over small form factor PCs, laptops, netbooks, mobile handsets and embedded devices.

SFF PCs often suffer from the graphical limitations of integrated graphics processors. VIA Trinity addresses this problem with a discrete graphics card that offers DirectX 10.1 support for advanced 3-D graphics, Blu-ray playback and support for all popular HD video formats, improving the quality of video playback and gaming as well as freeing the CPU to tend to other tasks.

As laptop and notebook sales continue to grow and desktop sales fall away, more consumers are looking to portable PCs for the user experience they were accustomed to on their desktops. VIA Trinity offers system developers a discrete graphics option without the weight, bulk and large power requirements of current notebook devices, delivering HD visual computing with an energy efficiency that enables extended battery life for users on the go.

For embedded systems, where space is at a premium and low-power components a must, VIA Trinity provides a three-chip solution featuring a discrete GPU, saving both board space and power and delivering optimized graphics and HD video.

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