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VertigoXmedia Reorganizes Into Broadcast, Digital Signage Business Units

To better serve the growing broadcast and digital signage markets, VertigoXmedia has reorganized into two distinct units. The broadcasting unit will be headed by former Executive Vice President of Sales Darin Crosby, whose title will change to president, Broadcast Solutions, while CEO David Wilkins will head up the Digital Signage unit as its president, while retaining his role as CEO of VertigoXmedia.

“Our product line has expanded significantly in recent years to include products for both broadcast and digital signage applications, yet the two markets are made up of completely different clients,” said Wilkins. “By splitting Vertigo into two business units, we're creating separate teams that can focus more intensively on developing and refining products that address the unique needs of each subset of clients.”

VertigoXmedia is best known for its Xmedia Suite, the patented platform that streamlines the production process of broadcasters around the world—including NBC, ABC, CNN, Time Warner Cable, ESPN, and CBC/Radio-Canada—by automating the creation and management of data-driven graphics. Its VertigoXG graphics system, released earlier this year, is a full-featured SD/HD graphics system providing single- or dual-channel graphics and video playout capability for a wide range of advanced, real-time broadcast applications.