Vertical Ascent uses Panasonic camcorders for new 3-D series

Vertical Ascent, a production company founded by award-winning filmmaker Adam Friedman, is developing and producing an original 3-D TV series that is being shot with Panasonic AG-3DA1 3-D camcorders. The series was developed for iN DEMAND and will be distributed to U.S. cable systems this summer and offered to consumers for free. The series is part of iN DEMAND’s drive to create and deliver original programming in 3-D. IN DEMAND began providing cable with feature films in stereoscopic 3-D last fall.

Content already shot for this short-form series includes segments on rhythmic gymnastics, Chinese lion dancing, bicycle motocross, cirque school, snowboarding and parkour. Other content, including some high-profile international events, is also in development.

Friedman is the producer/director of the project, working with Marty Mullin as director of photography and Sean MacGowan as DIT/editor. Vertical Ascent is renting the 3DA1s, sometimes as many as three per shoot, from the Los Angeles office of Abel Cine Tech. The team is also using the Panasonic BT-3DLH2550 3-D reference monitor on location.

The iN DEMAND series marks the first major foray into 3-D production for Friedman, who won an Emmy Award for the documentary “Color Me Blue” about the New York Police Department and whose Rolling Stones’ “Emotional Rescue” video was part of the Whitney Museum biennial celebration.