Verizon Feeds Football-Addicted Fans Via Internet

Viewers can tune into NFL Network Game Extra and more online.

Verizon football fans who subscribe to video and broadband services will soon enjoy NFL Network Game Extra, which puts viewers in a virtual control booth and enables them to watch live, online broadcasts of Thursday and Saturday pro football games while selecting from among multiple camera feeds.

The burgeoning technical directors will have access to alternate camera angles and live audio feeds, and have the ability to view one of four camera angles, or all four simultaneously.

Other features include: live online chats with other NFL Network Game Extra viewers during the live games (text taunting?); game statistics, highlights and drive-chart simulations during the games; on-demand video highlights of the games; and special events, such as college bowl games and college all-star games including the Insight Bowl, Texas Bowl and Senior Bowl.

The NFL Network Game Extra service is available to consumers who subscribe to either Verizon FiOS or Verizon High Speed Internet service, plus either Verizon FiOS TV or DIRECTV through Verizon. Verizon is the only Internet service provider to deliver NFL Network programming over broadband.